dog behavior

Girl and her dog in bed. There are kids and pets considerations to keep everyone safe and happy.
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Kidney Disease In Dogs
Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common diseases in older cats and dogs. However, it can occur in animals of any age....Read More
Dog in front of a fence that provides a visual barrier
A visual barrier is something opaque, such as a curtain or tarp, that prevents a dog from seeing what’s on the other side of a fence or window....Read More
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Woman who is teaching this dog to come
Teaching a dog to come reliably is possible. The best way to do this is to make it a party every time you call her and she comes to you....Read More
dog being taught to wait at a kennel door
Teaching a dog to wait at open doors can be an incredibly useful skill....Read More
Person teaching a dog to trade with a bone and some treats
Many of us have been involved in an inadvertent game of “keep away” with our dogs — when the dog snatches something and then refuses to give it up....Read More
man teaching dog how to lie down and stay
Teaching a dog to stay can be lifesaving. For example, it can prevent your dog from dashing out the door, car, or yard gate and into a dangerous environment....Read More
Woman teaching a dog to speak (bark)
Barking is how dogs express themselves, but it can become excessive....Read More
person teaching a dog how to sit outdoors
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