Man with his longhair gray tabby cat foster
What’s a pet foster parent? By being a pet foster parent, you provide a temporary home for an animal prior to adoption....Read More
Well-behaved dog walking on a leash with person's legs showing
If you want a well-trained, well-socialized, well-behaved dog, you must interact consistently and practice skills to build a foundation of trust and a healthy relationship....Read More
Woman using positive reinforcement to train a shelter dog
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a dog in public being walked on leash on a sidewalk
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Dogs at the shelter are taught to wait while a door or gate is being opened. This skill makes them more adoptable.
Why this cue is useful for your dog to know: This training plan will teach your dog not to bolt out of a door when it’s opened....Read More
Dog who has a tendency to guard his resources is learning self-control by sitting.
Why this cue is useful for your dog to know: Guarding resources (food, toys, locations, etc.) is a common and natural behavior in many dogs....Read More
Frenchie dog who knows the command "off"
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Dog who has been taught to go to his place, and is waiting patiently in his spot.
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Teaching your dog to come is important, for instance, during times when you are hiking in remote areas as shown in this picture.
Why this cue is useful for your dog to know: Recall (getting your dog to come when called) is the most important behavior you can teach your dog....Read More
Woman teaching her canine friend dog commands
Teaching your dog to respond to basic cues such as “sit” and “down” is easy, fun and gives fast results....Read More