Pet Health : Birds

Veterinary specialist holding a kitten on an exam table
Veterinary medicine is now more and more specialized, with veterinary specialties in surgery, dermatology, oncology, ophth...Read More
Maxine the parrot eats some of her parrot food from a person's hand
Parrot diets should consist of a combination of a high-quality pellet and fresh foods. Contrary to popular belief, most parrots should not be fed seed mixes....Read More
green pet bird taking a bath
If you have pet birds, baths and proper humidity levels are key components to keeping them healthy....Read More
gray bird standing in a beam of light
Light for birds is important to their health and well-being, and there are several factors to consider....Read More
Parrot who lives in a bird-proofed home
As caregivers of our pet birds, we want to keep them as safe as possible....Read More
a macaw parrot with his wings spread out
Is clipping a bird's wings — i.e., trimming the flight feathers to minimize (but not completely take away) the bird's ability to fly — a good idea?...Read More
person holding a parrot engaging in a bird training session
There's a lot of misinformation about animal behavior and training in general — and especially for bird training....Read More
close-up on the face of a healthy green parrot
Regular checkups, preventative medicine, and emergency preparedness are important to keep pet birds healthy and happy....Read More
Person practicing bird handling, trying to get a parrot to step up using a towel
You should spend quality time with your bird every day, but that doesn't necessarily mean lots of bird handling....Read More