General Pet : Pet-Friendly Housing and Finances

Jango, a pit-bull-terrier-type dog, looking out of a car's partially open window, demonstrating what it's like to be traveling with pets
Are you thinking of traveling with pets? Whatever way you travel, you'll need to plan ahead for a successful pet-friendly vacation....Read More
person and dog sitting together and smiling
One of the most common reasons that people give up a pet is because they are moving and decide they cannot take the animal....Read More
smiling gray-and-white dog inside on a leash
Our pets are family. They’re our best friends, and they improve the quality of our lives....Read More
brown-and-white pit bull-type dog standing on grass and looking up and smiling
The majority of Americans view their pets as members of their family....Read More
person, who is receiving some pet financial assistance during a difficult time in her life, with her pug
The following is a comprehensive list of pet financial assistance resources that can help with vet bills and other financial aid for pets....Read More
Silhouette of dog and his person, a woman serving in the military
Members of the military may or may not be able to take their pets with them on deployment....Read More
couple and two dogs in front of a pet-friendly rental house
Anyone who rents knows how difficult it can be to find a decent place to live....Read More
man posing with smiling white dog
Our pets are so close to our hearts that it’s difficult to think about the day when they’ll no longer be with us....Read More
brown dog standing on grass smiling with head cocked
Dog liability insurance that covers you and your family from liability for dog bites or other animal-rel...Read More