Pet Training : Pigs

Cat scooping treats out of a glass bowl pet food puzzle
One of the similarities our pets share with their wild counterparts is their desire to forage for their food....Read More
two pet potbellied pigs, who have received socialization and get along well, standing side by side in a friendly behavior
Potbellied pigs are intelligent creatures who have complex thoughts and emotions, social hierarchies, and herd dynamics....Read More
brown dog looking straight ahead with a serious expression
If you need pet behavior help, consider enlisting a professional....Read More
Boris the potbellied pig at Best Friends
One of the pet trends in recent years is the sale of so-called mini or teacup pigs....Read More
Grooming is important in caring for potbellied pigs. This pig is being brushed.
Potbellied pigs aren’t difficult to care for or look after, but they do need regular grooming, occasional ear and eye cleaning, dental care, tusk and hoof care, and socializ...Read More
a large adult pet potbellied pig, who was sold as a teacup pig (aka mini pig), standing among grasses and flowers
Teacup pigs for sale? Buyer beware: Baby piglets might not be true teacup pigs — also known as mini pigs, micro pigs, dwarf pigs, pygmy pigs, and nano pigs....Read More
a person with their hand on their pet potbellied pig
Potbellied pigs as pets can make wonderful companions, but they aren’t right for everyone....Read More
dog doing clicker training with a person
Clicker training dogs, cats, and other animals is a fun and effective way to communicate with your pets....Read More