RB the potbellied pig eating some lettuce
Potbellied pigs (aka pot belly pigs) are omnivores, so their natural diet in the wild would include roots, veggies, nuts, seeds, berries, worms, insects, raw eggs and other...Read More
Doogie and Millicent the potbellied pigs who get along well
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Boris the potbellied pig at Best Friends
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Grooming is important in caring for potbellied pigs. This pig is being brushed.
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This woman chose just the right pet for her and her family: a medium-sized dog from the local shelter who is oh-so-sweet.
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a large adult pet potbellied pig, who was sold as a teacup pig (aka mini pig), standing among grasses and flowers
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a person with their hand on their pet potbellied pig
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