Emergency Response

Woman sitting on a couch next to a happy looking German shepherd dog
The following resources have been compiled to help people answer questions or concerns about pets and COVID-19 and to share how you can help keep pets and people safe in yo...Read More
Tabby cat sniffing medication bottles on a windowsill
Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s crucial for people with pets to be as prepared as possible for a potential evacuation or shelter-in-place situation that could l...Read More
Two masked people moving cases of canned cat food
As disasters occur, it is natural to get immersed in the news as you hear the stories, see the dreadful images and empathize with victims for the hardship they are enduring...Read More
person carrying a tan dog after rescuing him following a hurricane
To keep your pets safe during and after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, or flood, it’s critical to be prepared....Read More
White-and-brown small dog in a carrier
If you’re ever in an emergency situation with your pets, the key is to remain as calm as possible....Read More
Smiling woman holding a small scruffy dog
Animal welfare experts anticipate that communities will experience a surge in the number of pets entering shelters as the spread of COVID-19. Here's how you can help....Read More
Woman sitting on the floor cradling an orange and white kitten in her arms
As concerns grow surrounding COVID-19 and the impact it will have on our country, here are the latest facts and resources to get you help....Read More