Pet Tips

Smiling person holding two kittens up
Believe it or not, adopting two kittens makes life easier than adopting just one!...Read More
goats and sheep standing together
Goats can make wonderful companions. They are incredibly smart, playful, and curious. Plus, they’re great lawn mowers, as they love to chomp on grass and weeds....Read More
overhead view of a black cat who's looking up and lying on a purple backdrop
If you've found a stray dog or cat, remember this: Most lost pets are found close to home....Read More
Smiling family adopting a tabby cat
If you or anyone you know is considering adopting a shelter cat, we have some helpful tips for you!...Read More
Small gray and white kitten being bottle fed by a gloved hand
Nom nom nom ... Rosebud is ready for her lunch! Sam is fostering Rosebud and shares how she bottle-feeds kittens from the comfort of her living room....Read More
Cat scooping treats out of a glass bowl pet food puzzle
One of the similarities our pets share with their wild counterparts is their desire to forage for their food....Read More
Jango, a pit-bull-terrier-type dog, looking out of a car's partially open window, demonstrating what it's like to be traveling with pets
Are you thinking of traveling with pets? Whatever way you travel, you'll need to plan ahead for a successful pet-friendly vacation....Read More
woman considering picking a pet dog during a meet and greet outside with a smiling white-and-brown dog
Picking a pet is a big decision — one that will bring you lots of joy but also responsibilities....Read More
family gathered outside with two black-and-tan dogs
So you've added a new pet to your family. Congratulations! Now you might be wondering: How long does it take for a pet to adjust to a new home?...Read More