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two pit bull terrier-type dogs standing next to each other smiling
Legislation in seven states currently restricts dogs seized in dogfighting cases, stigmatizing them as damaged and unadoptable and denying them an opportunity to prove otherwise....Read More
two pit bull terrier-type dogs sitting together in a chair
Whether you love them, fear them, or are on the fence about them, pit bull terriers are extremely popular and part of just about every community in the U.S....Read More
White pit bull and his person sitting together outside
Best Friends Animal Society wants to help folks learn the truth about pit bull terriers amid the many pit bull myth...Read More
Person hugging a happy brown pit bull terrier
In 2016, when Best Friends announced the goal to lead the country to no-kill by 2025, one of th...Read More
adopted pit bull terrier-type dog smiling and looking straight ahead
This two-part action kit describes two ways to help pit bull terrier-like dogs in your community....Read More
Group of pit bull terrier-type dogs sitting in front of a lake
According to a survey commissioned by Best Friends Animal Society, 84% of Americans believe people should be allowed to have any breed of dog they choose....Read More
white-and-brown pit bull terrier-type dog lying and being petted by two people
Creating safe, humane communities is a priority for all of us. And efforts to protect community members from dangerous dogs are a key component of any public safety plan....Read More
Pit bulls like this brown dog, who is lovingly looking at his person, are frequently the target of dog breed bans, or breed-specific legislation.
To keep people safe from dog bite-related incidents, the best and most effective laws focus not on breed, but o...Read More