Pet Training : Rabbits

Cat scooping treats out of a glass bowl pet food puzzle
One of the similarities our pets share with their wild counterparts is their desire to forage for their food....Read More
white bunny in wooden rabbit housing
Because rabbits are prey animals, living outdoors even in a secure hutch can be extremely stressful (and potentially dangerous) for them....Read More
two pet rabbits sitting next to each other
Are you considering bringing home a pet rabbit? Rabbits can be intelligent and social companions, but they do require a person who's knowledgable about their needs....Read More
Brown-and-white spotted pet bunny displaying calm yet alert rabbit body language
Bunnies have many interesting behaviors and body language quirks, and if you're new to pet rabbits you'll want to know how to decipher t...Read More
brown dog looking straight ahead with a serious expression
If you need pet behavior help, consider enlisting a professional....Read More
a person demonstrating how to pick up rabbits
If pet rabbits are not handled gently and often, they might not like being picked up....Read More
dog doing clicker training with a person
Clicker training dogs, cats, and other animals is a fun and effective way to communicate with your pets....Read More
Woman petting three rabbits playing on a rug in her bunny-proofed home
When you're home and able to supervise, pet rabbits must be let out for several hours each day, both to exercise and t...Read More