How to Pick Up a Rabbit

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a person demonstrating how to pick up rabbits

If pet rabbits are not handled gently and often, they might not like being picked up. Keep in mind that rabbits are prey animals, rather than predators, so naturally it can be scary for them to be handled. But when you learn how to pick up a rabbit correctly and safely, this can help the bunny to feel comfortable with handling.

How to pick up and hold a bunny

Follow these steps for picking up and holding a rabbit:

1. To properly pick up a rabbit, place one hand under the rabbit’s front armpits and place the other hand on the rump near the hind end.

Step one in how to pick up a rabbit

2. Lift and hold the rabbit securely to your body. Make sure you are supporting the rabbit’s back at all times.

3. Hold the rabbit close and make sure you have a good grip, so the rabbit feels safe. 

Step three in how to pick up a rabbit

When you’re handling a rabbit, always stay calm and quiet to avoid startling the bunny. Because rabbits usually don’t like being picked up, they can be wiggly and try to jump out of your arms. If you feel that the rabbit is about to jump, get low. That way, if the rabbit does jump, they're closer to the ground and less likely to become injured.

Never pick up a rabbit by the ears, scruff, feet, or in any other way that doesn’t support the rabbit’s back.