Pet Health : Dogs

headshot of a smiling yellow Labrador retriever looking up
Spay and neuter — you’ve likely heard these terms before, especially if you have pets....Read More
dog holding paw out to woman
Dog paw licking is a common behavior and not always cause for concern. Dogs sometimes lick their paws to clean them (or because there might be something tasty on them)....Read More
Spaniel-type dog itching with his rear paw
Do you have a dog who's itching excessively? The itchy dog is one of the most difficult problems to assess in veterinary medicine....Read More
French bulldog who is going to vet for a routine checkup and care
If you just got a new puppy, you probably already know that veterinarian visits are in your future....Read More
Veterinary specialist holding a kitten on an exam table
Veterinary medicine is now more and more specialized, with veterinary specialties in surgery, dermatology, oncology, ophth...Read More
Brown dog lying on an orange bed
Wondering why your dog is suddenly peeing indoors? Many dogs have urinary incontinence, which means they leak urine involuntarily....Read More
tan dog with mouth open in the water next to vegetation on a hot summer day
Enjoying a beautiful summer day with your pet is great, but the heat can also be dangerous or even deadly for dogs and cats....Read More
Man scrunching up his face after smelling a stinky dog
Veterinarians often get asked: “Why does my dog smell so bad?” People frequently place blame for a stinky dog on themselves, thinking they aren't caring for their pets prop...Read More
person caring for senior dog by taking him out on a walk
As happens with humans, older dogs often slow down both physically and mentally....Read More
a senior dog with a person
Ralph Waldo Emerson famously wrote, “All diseases run into one: old age.” This statement applies to both people and pets; after all, our pets age faster than we do....Read More