Pet Health : Dogs

Black senior dog with graying muzzle who has lymphoma sitting at someone's feet being held on a Best Friends leash
Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the white blood cells (called lymphocytes) of the dog....Read More
Kidney Disease In Dogs
Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common diseases in older cats and dogs. However, it can occur in animals of any age....Read More
Tri-coloreddog sitting on a sidewalk
Kennel cough is the older name given to upper respiratory tract infections in dogs....Read More
Tan dog and his person keeping cool in the summer by playing in a stream
Providing protection for our pets in hot weather is critical. Pets, like people, are susceptible to the effects of extreme heat....Read More
Woman holding a terrier dog wearing a red sweater
Cold weather can be hazardous to the health of cats and dogs, so here are a few things to consider when the season changes and the weather turns frigid:...Read More
Spaniel-type dog with his rear paw up to scrach
Do you have a dog who’s constantly scratching? The itchy dog is one of the most difficult problems to assess in veterinary medicine....Read More
Dog who is receiving treatment for arthritis playing with a ball
Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from painful arthritis in their joints, particularly as they get older....Read More
How Often to Vaccinate a Dog or Cat
Whether or not to vaccinate pets and how often to vaccinate are among the most debated questions in veterinary medicine in recent years....Read More
Tabby kitten dressed up as Clark Kent (Batman)
Halloween is a fun day for humans, but pets may become spooked (no pun intended!) by the altered appearance of their families....Read More
Opie the puppy in a Fourth of July bandanna
For many people, the Fourth of July means fun and relaxation — enjoying a day off and watching fireworks....Read More