spay and neuter

headshot of a smiling yellow Labrador retriever looking up
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orange tabby lying on a bed after his cat spraying problem has resolved
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Two dogs who have been spayed. Spaying or neutering is important for all pets.
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Exuberant dog smiling among tall grasses
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This girl (with help from her two black cats) is writing an essay on animals for school.
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Woman and her dog with ball. She is keeping him safe by supervising his play time.
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up close on the face of a neutered tabby cat
Spaying or neutering your cat is one of the greatest gifts you can provide your pet and your family....Read More
White-and-black cat is sitting with his person. As a kitten, this cat wasn't using the litter box, but the problem has since been fixed.
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Healthy orange tabby cat looking straight ahead lying down
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