dog behavior

Two well-socialized dogs getting along together well
For dogs to be happy and comfortable in the world of humans, socialization is so important....Read More
Woman reassuring her dog who is scared of loud noises, especially thunderstorms
Many dogs have a fear of loud sounds, such as thunder, firecrackers, and cap guns....Read More
Woman and her dog. Safety around dogs is a number one consideration.
Well-socialized and happy dogs can add so much to our lives and to our families....Read More
Woman and her dog with ball. She is keeping him safe by supervising his play time.
Many dogs are allowed to roam the streets. The dog’s family might say, “Oh, he’s OK....Read More
Small dog pulling on leash
Most dogs want to go out for walks and get very excited when the leash is brought out....Read More
Three dogs playing together
For some people and their furry friends, the dog park can provide a wonderful opportunity for dogs to meet other dogs, practice social skills and get exercise....Read More
Dog and woman looking into each other's eyes.
If you watch dogs play together, they often mouth each other in a sort of mock bite....Read More
Dog with tongue sticking out who received training to correct his urine marking in the house behavior
Urine marking in dogs is territorial behavior. An intact (uncastrated) male dog will instinctively mark his territory with his urine....Read More
Zach the dog holding paw out to woman
Some dogs will sustain an injury on a paw and then continue to lick that or a nearby area, usually on the front part of the carpus (wrist), over and over again until a larg...Read More
Golden retriever mix dog jumping up
Most puppies are so cute (and so short) that we allow them to jump up on us....Read More