dog behavior

This dog is guarding his bones.
Guarding (possessiveness) is a natural, normal behavior for dogs....Read More
Brown Lab mix and his trainer
A dog trainer can help you discourage unwanted behavior in your pet and encourage desirable behavior....Read More
Feral and shy dogs, like this one hiding behind a tree, share some of the same challenges.
There are a number of techniques that can be employed to help feral dogs or shy dogs overcome their fear of people....Read More
What you feed your dog is important to his overall health. This dog's person is considering changing his diet to a specially formulated food for senior dogs.
Are you wondering what to feed your dog? There are many good-quality dog foods for sale; read the labels and talk with your veterinarian if you n...Read More
Woman reassuring her dog who is scared of loud noises, especially thunderstorms
Many dogs have a fear of loud sounds, such as thunder, cars backfiring and fireworks....Read More
This black dog is cooling off in hot weather by frolicking in a stream.
One of the most life-threatening mistakes people can make is to leave a dog in a vehicle during hot weather....Read More
Pitbull mix dog. Pet-liability insurance is important for all dog owners, regardless of the breed of dog they have.
Pet-liability insurance that covers you and your family from liability for dog bites or other animal-related issues is very state-specific....Read More
Dog playing with and biting at a ring dog toy around his snout
Like most animals, dogs like to play and need activities to keep them busy....Read More
Two well-socialized dogs getting along together well
For dogs to be happy and comfortable in the world of humans, socialization is so important....Read More
Woman and her dog. Safety around dogs is a number one consideration.
Well-socialized and happy dogs can add so much to our lives and to our families....Read More