Shelter & Rescue Work : Help for Organizations

Smiling pit bull wearing a sweater with an animal control officer smiling behind him
The Covid-19 Resource Library is a comprehensive list of resources to help shelters, rescue groups, and other animal welfare organizations navigate necessary adaptations to...Read More
Puppies being rescued
Use your shelter data to increase lifesaving. Want to increase your shelter’s save rate?...Read More
Two fluffy kittens snuggling
Best Friends' kitten foster care manual has information on preparing for, bringing home and caring for a foster kitten to prepare him or her for a forever home....Read More
headshot of an eagle who received help from a wildlife rehabilitator
Finding a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you is the best way to help a baby bird who's fallen out of the nest, a squ...Read More
rescued wild grasshopper mouse on a blanket
In wildlife rescue, often time is of the essence to have a successful outcome....Read More
Baby cottontail rabbit at wildlife rehabilitation center
Wildlife rescue requires a person to be able to assess the situation to determine whether they need to intervene to help a wild animal....Read More
Cardboard box on its side with a litter of kittens in it
If you find kittens, bringing them to a local shelter is not always the best option!...Read More
Small gray and white kitten being bottle fed by a gloved hand
Nom nom nom ... Rosebud is ready for her lunch! Sam is fostering Rosebud and shares how she bottle-feeds kittens from the comfort of her living room....Read More
Woman using positive reinforcement to train a shelter dog
Tara’s Run is a facility for training shelter dogs at Best Friends that contains real-life equipment to help dogs become familiar with structures they’ll encounter in a hom...Read More
Puppy and her person. This pup was rescued as a stray.
Have you successfully trapped a stray animal and are you wondering what the next step is?...Read More