Shelter & Rescue Work : Help for Organizations

This shepherd mix is more interested in playing with his ball than going back in his crate.
A common scenario at shelters everywhere: You’ve taken a dog out of his run for a bit and now it’s time for him to go back in....Read More
Two shelter dogs receiving dog socialization training
Dogs are naturally social animals, but that doesn’t mean they all have the necessary social skills to meet each other politely....Read More
Volunteer with red parrot. Recruiting volunteers for nonprofits can be important for helping the animals.
In the rush to engage volunteers in our mission, we often forget to do a very important task: Plan for them....Read More
Calico with pet transport driver
Many volunteer pet transport services use “multi-leg transports,” which means that there are several volunteers per transport and each volunteer drives one or more legs....Read More
Beautiful black-and-gray dog who was adopted in part because of his well-written pet profile on our website
Are you looking to rehome a pet or hoping to help your foster pet get adopted?...Read More
Helping pitbulls like these two friendly dogs is key to achieving no-kill.
At the annual Best Friends National Conference, attendees hear firsthand from many leaders who have made great strides in putting their communities on the path to no-kill....Read More
Hand on a boxer mix dog
Creating Safe, Humane Communities for People and Pets Table of contents Introduction...Read More
Shelter cat wearing sunglasses and sitting next to a coffee mug
This resource offers tips for working effectively with the media; some specifics on writing news releases, public service announcements and letters to the editor; ideas for...Read More
Feral cat meowing. Trapping cats for TNR is important to caring for outdoor cat colonies.
The following are guidelines recommended by Best Friends Animal Society for trapping community cats (free-roaming, stray and feral cats) for the purpose of trap-neuter-vacc...Read More