No-Kill: How to Make a No-Kill Community a Reality

Helping pitbulls like these two friendly dogs is key to achieving no-kill.

At the annual Best Friends National Conference, attendees hear firsthand from many leaders who have made great strides in putting their communities on the path to no-kill. But we don't want people who are unable to attend to miss out on some of the lessons, so we put together a series of no-kill playbooks. Each one provides an overview of how a given community has either already achieved no-kill or is well on their way. Now it's your turn to learn from both their successes and their missteps, so you can save lives right in your own community.

The following no-kill playbooks are in PDF format. Click on a link below to download.

Small or more rural communities:

Mid-size communities:

Large communities:

No-kill is within reach. Learn more about how Best Friends is working with you to make our country no-kill.

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