Dogs : Common Behavior Issues

Cat lying on a couch next to a man looking at his mobile phone
The best way to prevent litter box accidents is to ensure the litter box is large, clean and in a spot your cat likes....Read More
Big dog with dirt on her nose from digging
Why dogs digDigging is a natural canine behavior. Many dogs do it....Read More
gray-and-white dog contained within a dog-proof fence
Some dogs are amazing escape artists — able to squeeze under or jump over fencing that appeared to be secure....Read More
Rescue dog not wearing a head halter
Dog head halter: What is it? A head halter for dogs is similar to a horse halter: there are straps around the nose and behind the ears....Read More
dog counter surfing with their front paws up on the counter
You put food on the kitchen counter and turn your back. Moments later, the food has vanished, and your dog is standing next to the counter licking their lips....Read More
close-up of a black dog's nose
Chasing is a natural behavior for a dog, but when dogs chase cats in the home this behavior must be addressed. It can be stressful and even dangerous for a cat....Read More
dog displaying playful body language in a play bow
Just like people, dogs communicate using body language. Dog body language involves a dog’s entire body, not just their vocalizations or tail, for example....Read More
person cuddling with smiling dog
Getting a new dog requires some forethought and preparation to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you a...Read More
White dog wearing a no-pull dog harness and leash
If your dog is pulling on leash, you can utilize training as well as adding a no-pull dog harness, Halti, or Gentle Leader....Read More