Dogs : Basic Training & Socialization

Person teaching a dog to trade using a high-value treat, one of the best dog training tips
Training a dog has numerous benefits for both you and your pooch....Read More
Three dogs playing with good dog park etiquette
Visiting a dog park can be a fun thing to do with your dog — allowing your pup to meet other dogs, practice social skills, and...Read More
Small tan-and-white dog doing dog nose work to find a treat in a cardboard box
K9 Nose Work, informally called dog nose work or scent training, is an up-and-coming canine sport....Read More
Zach the dog holding paw out to woman
Some dogs will sustain an injury on a paw and then continue to lick that or a nearby area, usually on the front part of the carpus (wrist), over and over again until a larg...Read More
close-up of a black dog's nose
Chasing is a natural behavior for a dog, but when dogs chase cats in the home this behavior must be addressed. It can be stressful and even dangerous for a cat....Read More
dog displaying playful body language in a play bow
Just like people, dogs communicate using body language. Dog body language involves a dog’s entire body, not just their vocalizations or tail, for example....Read More
Medium-sized dog in a crate. She is being crate-trained.
Why should I consider crate training my dog? Dogs are hard-wired by their genetic history to be den animals. A den is a small, safe, well-defined space....Read More
White puppy in a crate
Being comfortable in a crate is a useful skill for dogs to have and it comes in handy for visits to the vet and the groomer, travel and potential emergency transport....Read More
dog doing clicker training with a person
Clicker training dogs, cats, and other animals is a fun and effective way to communicate with your pets....Read More