Pets in the Community : Pet Adoption and Fostering

black cat, who has special needs due to hearing difficulties, lying down and looking straight ahead
If you need to give up your pet, we recommend that you make every effort to place them directly into a new home....Read More
Multiple people petting a brown-and-white puppy as part of the puppy socialization plan
The primary puppy socialization period — the period of a puppy’s life when it is most important to expos...Read More
Beautiful black-and-gray dog who was adopted in part because of his well-written pet profile on our website
Are you looking to rehome a pet or hoping to help your foster pet get adop...Read More
Dog and cat next to one another in a foster home
Foster homes help homeless pets by decreasing their stress and limiting their exposure to infectious diseases, which can occur when ...Read More
Person playing with a wand toy with her foster kitten
Shelters, rescues, and foster homes are full of kittens and cats waiting for homes right now....Read More
Orange tabby mama cat lying on her side with a couple of her kittens
Fostering a mama cat and her babies is so heartwarming! Mama cats work hard to keep their babies healthy, clean and chubby....Read More
Smiling person bottle feeding a neonatal tabby kitten
Fostering bottle babies is a heartwarming and magical experience! And there are so many in need of foster homes....Read More
Person on the floor with litter of foster kittens with toys and food available to them
Did you know that it’s possible to choose the age of kittens you foster to fit with your schedule and comfort-level?...Read More
Man cradling a tortoiseshell colored cat in his arms
Animal foster care programs engage the pet-loving community in helping to save homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens....Read More