3 Essential Kitten Training Tips for Raising Easy Adult Cats

Person administering liquid to a kitten from a syringe

Sweet, well-mannered adult cats often start with good kitten training. Kittens are more easily desensitized to new things than adult cats because they’re more open to new experiences. So whether you’ve just adopted kittens or are fostering some, this is the perfect time to train them to tolerate procedures that will make life easier for everyone in the future.

Here are three things you can do to help kittens grow up to be super easy cats.

  • Handling for routine medical care: Give them a squirt of water every day or two through an oral syringe, and coat tiny empty capsules in squeezy treats, so they don't mind taking medicine. 
  • Brushing teeth: Open their mouth, touch inside, and start brushing only with pet toothpaste. 
  • Nail trims: Touch their toe beans and pop out their claws every day, so nail trims are no big deal.

Be gentle and calm, and use a soft, reassuring voice to help kittens see these important procedures as positive experiences.