How to Keep Your Cat Cool When It's Hot Outside

Calico cat lying in a white porcelain sink

If you’re feeling the heat, your cats are too, and that can pose risks for them. Your cat’s natural body temperature is only about three degrees warmer than ours, with their ideal environment being around 76 degrees.

So, if your home is feeling warm, here are some cool tips to transform your home into a kitty oasis:

  • Beat the heat by keeping curtains and blinds closed, effectively lowering the temperature inside your home
  • Give your cat access to cool surfaces like desks, sinks, and tubs 
  • Hydration stations: Set up multiple water bowls and fountains throughout the house, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, cool water. You can add extra water to their wet food too!
  • Drop some ice cubes into their water bowls for a fun playtime element and a refreshing sip. You can even freeze their empty water bowls to extend the cooling effect 
  • Create some frozen treats to not only cool them off, but also add some excitement to mealtime
  • Slip an ice pack beneath their bedding (make sure it doesn’t directly touch them) to provide some cooling relief
  • Regularly brush your cat to help remove excess fur and prevent matting, allowing air to flow through their coat

These feline heat hacks will keep your cat comfortable and safe even on the hottest of days.