Shelter & Rescue Work : How-To Guides

This pitbull dog is enjoying agility training, an enrichment activity offered in some specialized programs at animal shelters.
This action kit provides ways to increase the adoptability of shelter dogs by enriching their day-to-day lives in the shelter....Read More
Black pug smiling at the camera
Writing tips: Get right to the point in your first few sentences....Read More
Couple and their two children with dog
A dog who has good manners and will respond to basic cues such as "sit," "stay" and "come" is much easier to live with and will be much more comfortable in our hectic world...Read More
Rescued golden retriever mix receives top-notch care and training in her new home.
The ABCs of Living with Dogs is a manual of care and training resources for people who have dogs....Read More
Dog chewing on rope. Providing chew toys can help solve some dog behavior problems like inappropriate chewing out of boredom.
Having a dog with behavior problems can be difficult....Read More
Bottle-feeding gray kitten with milk on her face
This resource provides instructions for caring for bottle-feeding kittens (“bottle babies”) – very young kittens who have been abandoned or orphaned....Read More
Parrot who lives in a "bird proofed" home
As caretakers for our pet birds, we want to keep them as safe as possible....Read More
Medium-sized black dog and woman
Table of contents Why coalitions are important Steps for creating a coalition:...Read More
There are many ways to promote animal shelter dogs like this pooch, aptly named Charmer.
This two-part action kit provides resources and examples of ways to promote shelter dogs in order to increase their chances of adoption....Read More