Shelter & Rescue Work : Help for Individuals

headshot of an eagle who received help from a wildlife rehabilitator
Finding a licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you is the best way to help a baby bird who's fallen out of the nest, a squ...Read More
rescued wild grasshopper mouse on a blanket
In wildlife rescue, often time is of the essence to have a successful outcome....Read More
Baby cottontail rabbit at wildlife rehabilitation center
Wildlife rescue requires a person to be able to assess the situation to determine whether they need to intervene to help a wild animal....Read More
Cardboard box on its side with a litter of kittens in it
If you find kittens, bringing them to a local shelter is not always the best option!...Read More
Black cat found as a stray
If you've found a loose dog or cat, remember this: Most lost pets are found close to home....Read More
Small gray and white kitten being bottle fed by a gloved hand
Nom nom nom ... Rosebud is ready for her lunch! Sam is fostering Rosebud and shares how she bottle-feeds kittens from the comfort of her living room....Read More
Black and white cat peeking his head out of a carrier
Helping your cat to love their carrier will reduce stress for you and your cat before and during vet visits!...Read More
Puppy and her person. This pup was rescued as a stray.
Have you successfully trapped a stray animal and are you wondering what the next step is?...Read More
This couple and their two dogs found a pet-friendly rental house.
Anyone who rents knows how difficult it can be to find a decent place to live. Looking for just the right rental, in the right location, at the right price is hard....Read More
Calico with pet transport driver
Many volunteer pet transport services use “multi-leg transports,” which means that there are several volunteers per transport and each volunteer drives one or more legs....Read More