Shelter and Rescue Work : Help for Individuals

Girl with her family's foster care dog, a white Labrador Retriever mix
Best Friends' dog foster care manual has information on preparing for, bringing home and caring for a foster dog to prepare him or her for a forever home....Read More
Black and white cat peeking his head out of a carrier
Helping your cat to love their carrier will reduce stress for you and your cat before and during vet visits!...Read More
Use Voicify to search Best Friends Animal Society's Resource Center
Have questions about your pet? There’s a new way to get helpful pet advice anytime, anywhere, just by using your voice....Read More
person, who is receiving some pet financial assistance during a difficult time in her life, with her pug
The following is a comprehensive list of pet financial assistance resources that can help with vet bills and other financial aid for pets....Read More
White greyhound resting on person's lap
If you face the possibility of having to give up your pet due to economic hardship, please check out these pet assistance resources:...Read More
A shy dog is hiding behind a tree
Feral dogs have had very limited to no contact with people and consequently can be extremely nervous or fearful around them....Read More
Cat lying on a couch next to a man looking at his mobile phone
The best way to prevent litter box accidents is to ensure the litter box is large, clean and in a spot your cat likes....Read More
Mama cat snuggling with her kitten (whos paw is on her head) on a blanket with hearts
Mother cats need to be in a calm environment so that they can be stress-free and feel like they are keeping their kittens safe....Read More
Orange tabby mama cat lying on her side with a couple of her kittens
Fostering a mama cat and her babies is so heartwarming! Mama cats work hard to keep their babies healthy, clean and chubby....Read More
Smiling person bottle feeding a neonatal tabby kitten
Fostering bottle babies is a heartwarming and magical experience! And there are so many in need of foster homes....Read More