Shelter and Rescue Work

A smiling beagle whose tongue is out
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Smiling person wearing a Best Friends shirt holding a small Chihuahua-type dog
  Humane pet sales laws are an effective way to put the squeeze on commercial breeding operation...Read More
Parrot educating a group of students at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah
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two dogs with a couple who run their own small animal rescue group
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Hand on a tan-and-white boxer mix dog
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Organize a pet food drive to help animals in need, like this pitbull mix who is up for adoption.
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Two masked people moving cases of canned cat food to help an animal shelter
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headshot of a small white-and-tan dog looking up alertly
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This girl (with help from her two black cats) is writing an essay on animals for school.
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woman holding her dog she rescued from an animal shelter
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