Puppy Mills : Basics of Puppy Mills

headshot of a Lhasa apso dog
You visit a pet store or website, find the perfect puppy, and within minutes you've got your new best fri...Read More
Person smiling and holding a small dog, along with a Puppies Aren't Products Best Friends bag
Puppy mills raise animals in factory-like, inhumane settings, where the animals have little human interaction and run th...Read More
Puppy Mill dogs effects breeding
Commercial dog breeding establishments, or puppy mills, are large-scale facilities where dogs are confined in small encl...Read More
Small brown puppy looking up at the camera
Because it’s sad to see pet store puppies in cages, many people want to “rescue” them by buying them....Read More
Poodle mix and Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix were adopted from local shelter.
Adopt instead of buy If you’re considering adding a new pet to the family, we urge you to adopt instead of buy a pet from an online retailer or pet store....Read More
Small puppy looking over the shoulder of a person
Each year, millions of people buy puppies through pet stores, the internet, and classified ads. Most believe they are getting a dog from a responsible breeder....Read More
Person petting a somewhat scared looking terrier
You've chosen to rescue a puppy mill dog. Now, this very special dog is becoming part of your life....Read More
Puppy looking over the shoulder of a person holding him
Looking to add a particular dog breed to your family?...Read More
Dog rescued from a puppy mill
To investigate commercial dog-breeding operations, check out these puppy mill links:...Read More
Poodle mix dog. Please adopt, don't buy, your next pet.
Wondering whether to adopt or buy a dog or cat?...Read More