Dogs : More Challenging Behavior Issues

Black schnauzer wearing a green collar
Not all dogs like wearing a collar....Read More
Little dog with separation anxiety staying close to a person
Separation anxiety in dogs is anxiety that manifests itself as visible stress in the dog when t...Read More
German shepherd behind a fence
Some dogs are as sweet as pie when they’re out on walks with their people, but put them behind a fence in their yard or a window in their home and they bark ferociously, lu...Read More
Dog in front of a fence that provides a visual barrier
A visual barrier is something opaque, such as a curtain or tarp, that prevents a dog from seeing what’s on the other side of a fence or window....Read More
dog guarding food by lying next to the treats and being watchful
Food aggression in dogs is a form of resource guarding or possessiveness....Read More
This medium-sized dog's family, shown here, have been very conscientious about socializing her to prevent bites on children or other behavioral challenges.
Dogs and kids can have amazing relationships if both are taught how to properly interact and respect each other....Read More
two dogs receiving treats during training for dog leash reactivity
Dog leash reactivity is a relatively common behavior. The dog might be reacting toward other dogs, people, other animals, bikes, cars, and more....Read More
Dog behind a chain-link fence receiving training for dog barrier aggression
It’s not unusual for a dog to react to people and/or other animals when behind a fence in their yard or a window in...Read More
A shy dog is hiding behind a tree
Feral dogs have had very limited to no contact with people and consequently can be extremely nervous or fearful around them....Read More
a person calmly sitting by a nervous dog
A dog can be shy or fearful for many reasons: lack of socialization for your dog, prior bad experiences, or gen...Read More