Dogs : Common Behavior Issues

Person teaching a dog to trade with a bone and some treats
Many of us have been involved in an inadvertent game of “keep away” with our dogs — when the dog snatches something and then refuses to give it up....Read More
dog jumping up on a person
Dogs jumping on people as a greeting can be unpleasant or even dangerous. Even small dogs jumping can startle someone or cause them to lose their balance....Read More
Exuberant dog smiling among tall grasses
Is your dog escaping from your yard or home?...Read More
headshot of a light brown senior dog smiling
When dogs pee at inappropriate times, it is sometimes known as submissive urination or excited peeing....Read More
Small dog barking
Dogs bark for a variety of reasons — seeking attention, alerting an owner, playing, etc....Read More
Two puppies chewing on shoe laces, an example of destructive dog chewing
Dog chewing is a normal canine behavior, especially for puppies who are exploring the world around them and learning how to use...Read More
Two brindle dogs who have been successfully introduced to each other are standing side by side outdoors in snow.
If you have a dog and a new canine will be entering your home, there are steps you can take to ensure that the meeting go...Read More
Woman reassuring her dog who is scared of thunderstorms
Many dogs are scared of thunder, as well as other loud sounds, such as fireworks and cars backfiring....Read More
Cat lying on a couch next to a man looking at his mobile phone
The best way to prevent litter box accidents is to ensure the litter box is large, clean and in a spot your cat likes....Read More
Big dog with dirt on her nose from digging
Why dogs dig Digging is a natural canine behavior. Many dogs do it....Read More