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A shy tabby cat
“Shy” is a word that many people use to describe dogs and cats who are fearful....Read More
Two kittens, one white and one tabby, who were just adopted and brought home
Congratulations, you’ve decided to adopt a cat! This new cat checklist provides tips to help your new feline adjust to life in your home....Read More
An orange cat and black and white kitten nose-to-nose checking each other out
We want everything to go as smoothly as possible when you bring your newly adopted cats home, so here are some tips on introducing a new cat to a home with resident cats....Read More
Person playing with a wand toy with a black and white cat
The best way to show our cats we love them is to help them feel like their wild cat ancestors!...Read More
A brown tabby cat lying upside down inviting interaction with cat body language
Ask any young child what a cat says and they'll tell you confidently, "Meow!" But is meowing all that cats say?...Read More
tabby kitten playing with larger cat
Kitten play is a very important and fun part of a young feline’s life....Read More
Person's hand scratching the side of a cat's face
Every cat is unique in how and where they’d like you to pet them. Give them the opportunity to show you by offering them your hand and seeing what they do....Read More
properly introduced dog and cat leaning on each other and getting along well
How to introduce a dog to a cat depends largely on the individual animals....Read More
three shorthair domestic cats, who used to be scared of one another, comfortably gathered together around a person
Is your cat scared of your dog, another cat, or other pets?...Read More
Brown tabby and white cat stretching up to scratch on a tall sisal scratching post
Cats are so closely related to their wild cat ancestors that they’ve retained many of the same wild instincts....Read More