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BSL (breed-specific legislation) targeted against pitbulls like this black-and-white pit is misguided.
Breed-specific legislation (BSL) affecting pit bull terriers, is ineffective at keeping communities safe because such laws target the wrong thing and ignore the real issue....Read More
States with Legislation that Restricts Dogs Seized in Dogfighting Cases
Legislation in seven states currently restricts dogs seized in dogfighting cases, stigmatizing them as damaged and unadoptable and denying them an opportunity to prove otherwise....Read More
White pitbull and his person, a young woman. Get info about the breed on pitbull websites listed in this resource.
Here is a list of resources for Pit Bull Terrier advocates....Read More
Pitbull mix who is part of a pitbull program to dispel myths about the breed
This two-part action kit describes two ways to help pit-bull-terrier-like dogs in your community....Read More
This woman, shown here with her happy, smiling pitbull, was able to find a pitbull-friendly insurance company.
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Pit bull terrier in front of Capitol
Sadly, some breeds of dogs, like pit bull terriers, are often misunderstood and believed to be dangerous....Read More
This couple and their two dogs found a pet-friendly rental house.
Anyone who rents knows how difficult it can be to find a decent place to live. Looking for just the right rental, in the right location, at the right price is hard....Read More
Persistence is required to find a pet-friendly landlord who will accept a friendly pitbull like this sweet, smiling guy
The majority of Americans view their pets as members of their family and, as a result, Best Friends Animal Society receives hundreds of inquiries about pet-friendly housing...Read More
People petting a friendly, adoptable pit bull dog
With their capacity for love and loyalty, most pits and pit mixes are good candidates for adoption....Read More
All pitbulls, even this well-behaved pitbull and his person, can be unfairly targeted by dog breed discrimination.
  This action kit outlines instructions on how to take action to help prevent breed-specific legislation in your city, town or community ...Read More