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Small dog sitting in person's lap
If you're new to small dogs, you might wonder whether there are differences in caring for them because of their size. All dogs are individuals, of course....Read More
Person teaching a dog to trade using a high-value treat, one of the best dog training tips
Training a dog has numerous benefits for both you and your pooch....Read More
Three dogs playing with good dog park etiquette
Visiting a dog park can be a fun thing to do with your dog — allowing your pup to meet other dogs, practice social skills, and...Read More
Small tan-and-white dog doing dog nose work to find a treat in a cardboard box
K9 Nose Work, informally called dog nose work or scent training, is an up-and-coming canine sport....Read More
Zach the dog holding paw out to woman
Some dogs will sustain an injury on a paw and then continue to lick that or a nearby area, usually on the front part of the carpus (wrist), over and over again until a larg...Read More
close-up of a black dog's nose
Chasing is a natural behavior for a dog, but when dogs chase cats in the home this behavior must be addressed. It can be stressful and even dangerous for a cat....Read More
Couple and their two children with dog
A dog who has good manners and will respond to basic cues such as "sit," "stay" and "come" is much easier to live with and will be much more comfortable in our hectic world...Read More
dog displaying playful body language in a play bow
Just like people, dogs communicate using body language. Dog body language involves a dog’s entire body, not just their vocalizations or tail, for example....Read More
This medium-sized dog's family, shown here, have been very conscientious about socializing her to prevent bites on children or other behavioral challenges.
Children can have the most amazing relationships with dogs if both are taught how to properly interact and respect each other....Read More
Dog chewing on rope. Providing chew toys can help solve some dog behavior problems like inappropriate chewing out of boredom.
Having a dog with behavior concerns can be difficult, especially if the dog has bitten or is at risk of biting a person or animal....Read More