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Two puppies chewing on shoe laces, an example of destructive dog chewing
Dog chewing is a normal canine behavior, especially for puppies who are exploring the world around them and learning how to use...Read More
Two well-socialized dogs getting along together well
For dogs to be happy and comfortable in the world of humans, socialization is so important....Read More
dog going for a car ride
Do you have a dog who hates car rides — or who looks afraid at even the mention of car travel?...Read More
This medium-sized dog's family, shown here, have been very conscientious about socializing her to prevent bites on children or other behavioral challenges.
Dogs and kids can have amazing relationships if both are taught how to properly interact and respect each other....Read More
Two cats in an office without a person
If you're planning a return to work after some time at home — or you're beginning a new job for the first time — your pet will need to adapt to this new routine....Read More
Dog behind a chain-link fence receiving training for dog barrier aggression
It’s not unusual for a dog to react to people and/or other animals when behind a fence in their yard or a window in...Read More
Dog being handled by a vet tech while being examined by a veterinarian
Regular visits to the veterinarian, and for some dogs the groomer, are an integral part of dog ownership....Read More
Small black-and-white dog traveling in a car with a woman in the driver's seat
Have you just adopted a dog who isn't used to a lot of social interaction and adventure?...Read More
White dog who is sensitive to touch being handled in a positive manner with head pats
A dog sensitive to touch is not uncommon....Read More
brown dog smiling next to dog trainer
If you need help encouraging desirable behaviors in your dog and discouraging unwanted ones, it’s time to find a dog trainer....Read More