Dogs : Common Behavior Issues

Big dog with dirt on her nose from digging
Why dogs dig Digging is a natural canine behavior. Many dogs do it....Read More
Woman reassuring her dog who is scared of loud noises, especially thunderstorms
Many dogs have a fear of loud sounds, such as thunder, cars backfiring and fireworks....Read More
New fence keeps this grey pit bull dog from escaping from the backyard
Some dogs are amazing escape artists — able to squeeze under or jump over fencing that appeared to be secure....Read More
Small dog pulling on leash
Most dogs want to go out for walks and get very excited when the leash is brought out....Read More
Dog with tongue sticking out who received training to correct his urine marking in the house behavior
Urine marking in the home by a dog can happen for a variety of reasons....Read More
Golden retriever mix dog jumping up
Most puppies are so cute (and so short) that we allow them to jump up on us....Read More
Rescue dog not wearing a head halter
Dog head halter: What is it? A head halter for dogs is similar to a horse halter: there are straps around the nose and behind the ears....Read More
Exuberant dogs like this one need to be watched closely so they don't escape and get hurt.
Is your dog escaping from the yard or your home? Here are two reasons your dog may be motivated to try to get away:...Read More
Abbey the dog counter surfing
You put food on the kitchen counter and turn your back for a few minutes. Moments later, the food has vanished and your dog is standing next to the counter....Read More
Two puppies chewing on shoe laces
Dog chewing is a normal canine behavior, especially for puppies who are exploring the world around them and learning how to use their mouths appropriately....Read More