Pet Health : Cats

Older feline with cat dementia who is receiving care and treatment
As a function of better veterinary care, advances in nutrition, and protection from accidental death, cats are increasingly living longer lives....Read More
gray-and-white cat showing he is not a declawed cat by holding his paw over a ledge
Cat declawing is still routinely performed in the United States, even though it is illegal or considered inhumane in many other countries around the world....Read More
This poodle mix takes medication to prevent parasites, including heartworm.
Parasites can present a big challenge when it comes to your dog’s or cat’s overall health....Read More
Dog who is receiving arthritis treatment playing with a ball
Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from painful arthritis in their joints, particularly as they beco...Read More
Lucy, an incontinent cat, lying next to a rainbow toy
Bringing an incontinent cat into your home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience....Read More
Bottle-feeding kitten with milk on her face
If you're caring for very young kittens who have been abandoned or orphaned — aka "bottle babies" — you'll need to be comfortab...Read More