No Kill

Puppies being rescued
Use your shelter data to increase lifesaving. Want to increase your shelter’s save rate?...Read More
Black cat found as a stray
Found a dog? If you find a dog loose outside, the dog may be a lost pup rather than a stray, and someone could be frantically searching for her....Read More
Puppy and her person. This pup was rescued as a stray.
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Rehoming a special-needs pet like this black cat who has hearing difficulties can be challenging, but the tips in this resource can help.
If you need to give up your pet, we recommend that you make every effort to place your cat or dog directly into a new home....Read More
Poodle mix dog. Please adopt, don't buy, your next pet.
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Calico with pet transport driver
Many volunteer pet transport services use “multi-leg transports,” which means that there are several volunteers per transport and each volunteer drives one or more legs....Read More
Organize a pet food drive to help animals in need, like this pitbull mix who is up for adoption.
This pet food drive action kit explains how communities can gather food for pets to help families in need keep the pets they love....Read More
The adoption of Rookie the dog at the Salt Lake City Adoption Center
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Helping pitbulls like these two friendly dogs is key to achieving no-kill.
At the annual Best Friends National Conference, attendees hear firsthand from many leaders who have made great strides in putting their communities on the path to no-kill....Read More
Hand on a boxer mix dog
Creating Safe, Humane Communities for People and Pets Table of contents Introduction...Read More