Cats : Behavior & Socialization

A shy tabby cat
“Shy” is a word that many people use to describe dogs and cats who are fearful....Read More
This tabby kitten sometimes plays too rough
Play is a very important and fun part of a kitten’s life....Read More
Brown tabby cat hiding behind some debris. She is not lost anymore.
The number of pet cats who go missing is difficult to estimate, as is the number of cats who, tragically, are never found....Read More
Pitbull mix dog being clicker trained
What is clicker training? Clicker training is a fun and effective way to communicate with your pets....Read More
This orange tabby cat was spraying in the house, but his problem has now been solved and he is using the litter box.
One of the most common behavior complaints about cats is urine marking, or cat spraying. Urine spraying or marking by cats is a normal behavior....Read More
This longhair gray tabby cat was scared of sudden movements, but her anxiety has improved greatly.
The first thing to understand regarding a cat’s fear of sudden motion or movement is that this is part of the nature of every animal....Read More
This gray-and-white cat is still scared of strangers, but he gets over his fear more quickly now.
Cats may be fearful of strangers or visitors for several reasons. A common reason is lack of experience with visitors when they were kittens....Read More
These three shorthair domestic cats used to be scared of one another, but they all get along fabulously now.
The first thing to consider is whether the fear represents a change in your cat’s usual behavior....Read More
Black cat and her person. This kitty is very scared of noises, but his person is helping him overcome his fear.
Why is my cat scared of noises? Just as in humans, all cats have some degree of normal fear when they hear loud, sudden or strange noises....Read More
Tuxedo cat and his person. As a kitten, this kitty wouldn't use the litter box, but problem has since been fixed.
Is your cat not using the litter box?...Read More