Pit Bull Insurance and Housing Resources

This woman, shown here with her happy, smiling pitbull, was able to find a pitbull-friendly insurance company.

Did you know that some insurance companies won’t insure people who have certain breeds of dogs? Some breeds often targeted include pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and others.

Dog-friendly insurance FAQs

Here, Best Friends talks about the problem and reveals how to find a canine-friendly insurance company that welcomes all breeds.

Q: Why won’t some companies insure families who have certain breeds of dogs?
A: So many bite statistics come from self-reported incidents or police officers’ reports, and both law enforcement and average citizens commonly misidentify dogs’ breeds. When insurance companies look at the data, they’re making decisions based on information that, more often than not, was reported inaccurately.

Q: What are some of the breeds that companies restrict?
A: Huskies, German shepherds, Rottweilers, pit bulls and pit-bull-terrier-like dogs, mastiffs, chows, Akitas, Great Danes, Dobermans and others.

Q: How prevalent is this problem?
A: It's a huge problem. Only two states, Pennsylvania and Michigan, have laws prohibiting breed-based restrictions in the insurance market. In other words, in 48 states and in the District of Columbia, people can lose their insurance, have their rates increased, or be denied coverage just because of the type of dog they choose to love and care for.

Q: How does this affect the dogs?
A: It's an impediment to finding homes for those dogs. Everyone should have insurance, so if you can't get it based on the breed of your pet, it adversely affects your decision-making process when looking for a pet.

Q: What can people do to ensure that their policy covers them no matter what breed of dog they have?
A: Do your homework and find a company that doesn’t restrict based on breed and treats your dog like the individual he or she is.

These links can help you locate a pitbull-friendly insurance company:

  • BADRAP has a page listing pit-friendly insurers.
  • MyPitBullisFamily.com has a nationwide housing and insurance database, as well as helpful tips for finding housing.
  • Animal Farm Foundation has helpful tips for finding non-breed restrictive housing and insurance.
  • Dean Insurance Agency offers canine liability insurance, which offers coverage for medical expenses and legal defense if Fido causes an injury.