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Thu, 05/19/2022 - 00:45
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Losing a beloved pet is incredibly difficult. The webinar series “Understanding Your Grief Journey,” hosted by Coleen Ellis of the Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, will help you cope with your grief and guide you through the trauma of pet loss.

Understanding Your Grief Journey with Coleen Ellis

About Coleen Ellis  
Coleen Ellis is an author, mentor, international speaker, consultant and blogger. She is the recipient of the first certification in the United States for death and grief studies with a specialization in pet loss companioning from the Center for Loss in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2004, she founded Pet Angel Memorial to address the unmet need for pet loss grief services. In 2009, she established Two Hearts Pet Loss Center to mentor and coach those who want to provide pet death care services to their communities. Below are a few of the webinars she has hosted for Best Friends that address pet loss grief to help us acknowledge, embrace and cope with the loss of our beloved companions.


Why does it hurt so bad?

The bond that we share with our pets is one like no other: pure, simple and filled with unconditional love. And when we lose them, it affects us in a profound way. But many people feel ashamed to address and express their grief when their beloved pets pass because so many people in their lives don't understand or experience the joy of pet companionship. In this webinar, Coleen Ellis discusses permitting yourself to grieve your loss and not run away from your feelings simply because you think society will shame you and tell you your companion was "just a pet." She inspires us to embrace grief, welcome it with open arms and shed tears because our pets deserve to be remembered. Coleen reminds us that grief exists because you loved your pet companion, and you never get over it. But you do get through it.


What can I do to help myself?

When your best friend passes, you may find it difficult to occupy the time. After all, your pet was a big part of your daily life and routine. In this webinar, Coleen discusses what we can do to help ourselves through the grief journey. She teaches us that when grief comes knocking, we invite grief in, acknowledge it and do the work to get through it. She reminds us that, no matter where we are in our grief cycle, that’s where we are supposed to be. We should continue to honor all the chapters we had with our pet because to feel loss means that we loved.


Permission for rituals

It can be healing to be mindful of special days we celebrated with our pets. Whether it’s a birthday, Gotcha Day, holiday or any day of celebration, we should take the time to acknowledge the bonds shared with our pets by continuing traditions. In this webinar, you’ll learn how traditions can help you cope with your loss and how creating a memorial or a celebration of life can help you move through your grief.



“Walk with the Wind” by Sharon St. Joan

Find peace and comfort with this beautiful memorial poem written by Best Friends co-founder Sharon St. Joan. As you listen to the poem’s healing words, take the time to breathe and soak in the gorgeous views of Angel Canyon.


10-minute guided meditation

Take a peaceful trip through Angels Rest with this guided meditation on pet loss and remembrance, led by Best Friends co-founder Cyrus Mejia. Breathe deeply and find healing with images of the beautiful red-rock landscape and words of comfort.


Pet loss grief; the pain explained

TEDx Talk with Dr. Sarah Hoggan

We know there is no straight line between the precipitating events leading you to the place where the grip of grief finally releases to a more gentle hand of understanding. As we learn to live with this new understanding, there is no timeline, no deadline; this is a process of discovery to be experienced at one’s own pace.

This TEDx Talk is from Dr. Sarah Hoggan, an emergency veterinarian. In it, she shares her thoughts about pet loss and grief. The beginning is a bit sad, but if you stick with it, you will receive yet another perspective on a topic so near and dear to our hearts.