All About Hissing

A tabby and white cat hissing with mouth open and ears back

Hissing: It’s not “mean." It’s communication!

  • Cats are not being “aggressive” when they hiss. They’re expressing, “I feel uncomfortable or scared, and I want this to stop.” And that’s ok.
  • Cats hiss to avoid physical contact. They’re saying, “Please go away, I don’t want to fight.”
  • In multi-cat homes, the cat that hisses most often is the one that feels the most stress or bullying. So please don’t get upset with your cat for hissing.
  • Respect the hiss by giving your cat space.

To prevent hissing among cats, ensure plentiful and spread-out resources like food bowls and litter boxes. Also, provide vertical territory for them to easily get away from each other.