Pet Behavior Help: Trainers, Behaviorists and Vets

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 20:33
Dog with chewing issues. Sometimes people have to look beyond the animal helpline to get assistance with their pet.

If you have tried to change your pet's problem behavior on your own and have been unsuccessful, consider getting some professional help. You could consult with a traditional or a holistic veterinarian, a pet trainer, a behavior counselor, a certified applied animal behaviorist, or a board-certified veterinary behaviorist.

Pet Store Dog Adoptions: List of Stores

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 19:20
Smiling person who adopted a small black dog wearing a yellow bandanna

As awareness of the connection between puppy mills and puppies sold for profit continues to grow, pet stores across the country are changing the way they do business. Instead of selling puppies who come from inhumane puppy mills, and supporting their cruel breeding practices, many stores are now partnering with local shelters and rescue groups to offer homeless pets for adoption. By offering services such as grooming and doggie daycare, and selling pet-related products, stores that have switched to this more humane model continue to be profitable.

How to Help an Injured Wild Bird

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 01:05
Injured baby songbird who has been receiving care from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator

Is the bird an adult, a baby or a fledgling?

If you have found a songbird who appears to be a baby (e.g., seems young and healthy but is not flying), please see “Baby Bird Rescue.” Even if a wild bird you have found appears to be an adult, it’s possible that the bird is in fact a fledgling (a young bird who has only recently acquired his flight feathers). During the spring, summer and early fall months, many young birds just leaving the nest for the first time are found on the ground by people.

How to Find a Lost Cat

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 01:05
Brown tabby cat hiding behind some debris. She is not lost anymore.

The number of pet cats who go missing is difficult to estimate, as is the number of cats who, tragically, are never found. Sometimes cats stay lost even though their families do everything they can think of to find them. But many times, people don’t have the slightest idea how or where to even begin looking.

Kat Albrecht, an investigative pet detective, is determined to change that. After all, finding a lost cat is about more than standing outside your front door and yelling, “Here, kitty, kitty.”

How to Express a Cat’s Bladder

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 01:05
Leslie a dilute calico cat who is incontinent

Please reach out to your veterinarian before beginning any treatments for your cat’s incontinence, including bladder or bowel expression. While it can be challenging to learn to express a cat via written instructions, we hope this information will help supplement your training with a veterinarian or other experienced expresser.