Community Cats : Community Cats Program Handbook: Basics

TNR was first introduced during the 1950s in Britain, and then in Denmark during the 1970s. The practice was introduced in the U.S....Read More
You may see feral and stray cats, also called community cats, roaming around your neighborhood, and you may be wondering how you can help them....Read More
Introduction In the past, trap-neuter-return (TNR) has been largely a caregiver-centered endeavor....Read More
Introduction Much of the success of a community cat program (CCP) can be attributed to the relationship between CCP staff and volunteers and the community the pro...Read More
Introduction The effectiveness of a community cat program (CCP) depends on a number of factors, including stakeholder buy-in, program funding, clinic capacity and...Read More
By their very nature, CCPs are collaborative efforts....Read More
Introduction As with shelter operations more generally, some of the most effective community cat programs (CCPs) are run out of very modest facil...Read More
Introduction As with animal welfare in general, community cat programs (CCPs) rely on a great deal of volunteer labor, donations and discounted s...Read More
The appropriate housing of multiple cats and/or kittens is a challenge in any shelter environment, requiring that considerable attention be paid to the prevention and manag...Read More